Gardens Have a Memory

name of work: Chaumont sur Loire – Gardens Have a Memory
year of design: 2004
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
authors: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Lendvai, Dominika Tihanyi
unrealized work

The idea of the garden is to create a micro World with the tools of landscape design, where the basic factors and structures of the micro World are designed upon the most basic pictures of environment living in everybody`s mind. A forest, flowers, water, hills and so on. We create simple space structures using these basic elements. So it can be said that only basic environmental elements determine the life of the micro World. The life of the garden is to be formed and drawn up on the plane of the blackboard deck by the visitors coming to the garden. It is up to them to create a micro World of their own, it is up to their responsibility to determine in what direction the life evolves: a good or a bad one. The chalk and sponge is in the hands of the visitor and it is each one`s responsibility to leave a mark on this micro World, leave a memory and a story to continue for the next visitor....

  • Gardens Have a Memory
  • Gardens Have a Memory
  • Gardens Have a Memory
  • Gardens Have a Memory