name of work: Tat vam asi / I am that / Én vagyok az
year of design: 2012
location: Budapest 9th district
authors: Gilles Villandier, Dominika Tihanyi
promoted by: Műhely Alapítvány
music: Béla Műhely
7 D A Y S
art research and exhibition
2011. november 10-24.
Opening: 2011 november 10., 18.00
The exhibition will be opened by: Szohr Gábor
Curator: Erdődi Katalin
name of work: Installation for modeling group dynamics in Kunsthalle Budapest as part of a group exhibition for young artists called ’No One Belongs Here More Than You’
year of design / realization: 2011
curators: Petra Csizek, Gábor Döme
office: Újirány Group - UILA Kft./UIA Kft.

Wood Installation in Millenáris park, Budapest
design by: Péter Pozsár
Dorka Hindy
Zoltán Dregus
year of design: 2011


Mercedes-Benz MOME exibition
Peter Pozsar
Julia Boromissza
Eszter Takacs
Katalin Kristof

name of work: Faulheit – Project Bipolar, Group Art Research Project, To be alone with one’s self - Video and Space Installation
year of realization: 2007
author: Dominika Tihanyi
places of exhibition: Wolfsburg, Budapest, Berlin-HAU2
concept: Gábor Lendvai, András Nagy
music: Máté Pozsár (Koala Fusion)
dance: Nina Umniakov
film shooting: Balázs Szügyi
technical help: Ádám Lendvai
drawing:Gábor Lendvai, András Nagy, J. Muszbek, D. Tihanyi
name of work: Istallation Design for the exhibition Hungarian Architecture Today - Modern and Organic London - RIBA, Glasgow – The Lighthouse
curator: Sandor Vaci
year of design / realization: 2003/2004
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
name of work: Chaumont sur Loire – Gardens Have a Memory
year of design: 2004
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
authors: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Lendvai, Dominika Tihanyi
unrealized work
name of work: The design of the wall of remembrance and inner court of the Holocaust Museum, Budapest
year of design: 2004
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
authors: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Lendvai, Edit Szabó, Dominika Tihanyi
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